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Ally T. (2020)


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Canada Cup Team Saskatchewan Gold Medalist 

ally t. 

Athletic Accomplishments


2019 5A Saskatchewan Provincial Champions


2019 Canada Cup National Champions 


2019 Team Saskatchewan 


2019 Saskatchewan Stealth Volleyball Club


2019 Provincial Silver Medalist


Volleyball Canada Center of Excellence 2017, 2018, 2019


2018 5A Saskatchewan Provincial Champions 

Height: 5′ 9″

Spike: to be confirmed 

Block: to be confirmed 

Reach: to be confirmed 


My first experiences playing volleyball were on the street outside of my house with my father and older sister when I was around 8. I was pretty bad at it but that didn’t stop my family from encouraging me to keep trying. Despite my failures, I continued trying to improve. This way of learning has strengthened my belief that it is important to make mistakes and that you need to fail in order to succeed. My family has also helped me set goals to improve my play, like setting a goal to make 96% of my serves when I was in my 13U and 14U club seasons. Apparently, that goal has stuck with me because I made 100% of my serves at the Canada Cup tournament. I have often been told I am very coachable due to my willingness to try any new things my coaches have thrown at me no matter how difficult or odd it may seem at first.
Even from an early age, I have found that the role I excel in is supporting others which is why setter has always been the position that suited me best. I always look to give my hitters the best opportunities, and I take pride in getting one-on-one blocks for them. Even though I am usually a quiet and reserved person, when I get on the court my enthusiasm for the game and my teammates brings out a competitive side of me. I have had a lot of experience playing up with athletes older than me which I believe has helped me expand my skill set and encouraged me to work harder to keep up. Usually, I pick up new skills quickly which has allowed me to be successful as a volleyball player and as a student.
School is and always has been a focus in my life, and I work hard to maintain my grades. I am looking to go into Business or something in a science field. Outside of school, I love going to movies and Escape Rooms with my friends. I also enjoy watching the university volleyball teams playing when they come to Regina as well the Canadian Men and Women’s teams. I love analyzing volleyball while also picking up new skills that I can bring to my game.

Ally T. Setter 


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