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OLIVIA K. - 2020


AIMEE L. - 2020



Presly A. - 2020

Elon University

Regan M. Class of 2020

University commit 

Katerina G. - 2020

Santa Clara University

Ally T – 2020

Fanshawe College

Anya P. - 2021

Arizona State University 

Getting an Athlete recruited is hard and it is a lot of work. Finding schools that are a good fit both academically, athletically and culturally with the college experience you are looking for can seem like finding a needle in a haystack. Getting those coaches to look at your video, return your calls, communicate and share information is even harder. Dale did a great job of listening to our wants and needs, finding the schools that will fit, reaching out to those coaches and getting responses. She was great at guiding us through the process, bringing opportunities and developing relationships with the coaches and the athletes. Her strongest and most cherished characteristic is making sure the school and athlete are a fit. Many recruiters push you to the schools that they have contact with and trying to fit your athlete to that school. Dales skillset allows her to find the right school for the athlete, not the other way around, without pressure or disappointment. It was a great experience working with Dale and her team and I would recommend her services to anyone that is looking for the RIGHT Volleyball program in both Canada and the US.

Anne A.

Mother of recruited Six Pack athlete, Presly A.

As a parent of a high-performance athlete who competes in both Indoor/Beach Volleyball, I wanted to write a note about the amazing service provided by Dale Ann Melnick and SixPack Recruiting.
Canadian athletes are challenged with limited exposure to bigger tournaments where coaches are recruiting, especially for Beach Volleyball. Our season is short, and there needs to be a strategy in building relationships with coaches at NCAA schools that offer a varsity beach team on campus.
It is often confusing and overwhelming to navigate the opportunities available for post secondary scholarships, and many opportunities are overlooked simply because there is so much information, so many rules/contact periods to learn, and countless unknowns throughout the process.
Dale Ann works very closely with her clients (both the athlete/parent) to understand their current situation (accolades/academics) and identify where they see themselves playing after graduation (USports, College, NCAA Div 1/2/3, or NAIA). Each of these have different timelines and contact ‘rules’ and it’s so helpful to have Dale Ann in your corner to champion your athlete, introducing them to schools and coaches that will be the best fit overall.
Dale Ann was proactive in reaching out to numerous schools on Anya’s behalf, and also promoted her at recruiting showcases/events to coaches she had cultivated relationships with.
Coaches listen to Dale Ann and respect her recommendation of an athlete based on her experience as a Provincial/National level coach, a former Varsity athlete, and a parent of a high-performance athlete.
We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the services of SixPack Recruiting to help your son/daughter realize their dream of competing at the Varsity level.
Tera and Anya Pemberton, Kelowna, BC
Anya (2021) – Arizona State University Beach Volleyball
Supporting our daughter with the recruiting process was a daunting task however the minute we started working with Dale and we instantly had the support and guidance Kat needed.  Dale’s had years of experience working with athletes and coaches at all levels.  She understands what it takes to be a high performance athlete, what conversations should be had and how to navigate through the entire process of recruiting.  Dale was always available for a conversation when we had questions.  Her attention to detail when it came to researching programs was second to none.  She made the entire process enjoyable and stress free, even up to planning Kat’s SAT exam.  Thank you Dale for all your support. I would highly recommend Dale as your recruiter. She’s a great mentor, leader and support for everyone involved.  Now we get to sit back, relax and enjoy watching our daughter play her final year of club volleyball before she heads off to Santa Clara in 2020.
Jerry G (proud father)
Jerry G.

Proud Father of recruited Six Pack athlete, Katerina G.

I first met Dale in August of 2019 and from first impressions, I can say that I wish I would have enlisted her services months sooner.  Right from the initial conversation, she was as passionate about my daughter’s varsity path as Aimée has been as an athlete and I as a parent. 
The recruiting process takes time and requires dedication and we would have definitely benefited from Dale’s services much earlier in the process.  If the Varsity path is for your child, I sincerely recommend her experience and services as early in the process as possible. 
They are so incredibly worth it!
In the months where we were lucky enough to work with Dale, she supported both Aimée and I with regular conversations and made the process exciting. 
She also helped guide Aimée with things only someone as experienced as herself could do or would know.  We learned that hundreds, sometimes thousands of athletes are contacting coaches, and having someone like Dale created a communication line otherwise not present. 
Her services, expertise, guidance and support were truly invaluable and deeply appreciated.

Diane L.

Mother of a recruited Six Pack athlete, Aimee


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