Multi Sport Athlete Maddie P.(Class of 2021)

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maddie p.

Athletic Accomplishments


Multi sport athlete 


Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Track 


Avid Rock Climber 


2019 Junior Athlete of the Year 


Honour Roll Student 


Class of 2021 – Honour Roll student

Height: 6′

Wingspan: 6′

On the court I would describe myself as being very coach-able. I am very open and accepting to criticism. I am a very good listener and I’m always willing to try new things in order to improve myself. Another word I’d use to describe myself would be very cooperative. I am very supportive of my teammates and want them to succeed.

Off of the court and in my daily life I would describe myself as even tempered and easygoing. I am also very hard working and committed, especially when it comes to school and all of my sports.

With a team I believe that off court chemistry is just as important as on court. I would like to play for a team that has very good communication and we all adapt to each other’s abilities.

An academic achievement of mine would be in grade nine when I completed an online non-credit course from the University of Alberta called “Paleontology: Theropod Dinosaurs and the Origin of Birds”. When I completed it I was very proud and impressed with myself. I was very happy with my mark (a low A) and it made me want to do another one, which I have started.

Other school sports besides volleyball that I am and have been involved in are basketball, soccer, track, and badminton. I like to joke that I only do these as “offseason training for volleyball” because there is no year-round volleyball where I live. But really I just love staying active and fit, as well as being part of a team.

Outside of sports I enjoy reading and writing, when I was younger I wanted to be an author. I also enjoy watching movies, some of my favourites are Hook, The Matrix, and all of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. I enjoy painting, and other kinds of art like drawing and scrapbooking, even though I’m not very good at it. I also enjoy biking, snowboarding, and rock climbing, but those are arguably sports.

Someone who I really look up to in my life is my mom. She is a very strong woman who has taught me so much. She is very determined and is not afraid to stand up for herself and others. She is the president of her local union and has raised me to always be accepting of others and to treat everyone fairly and equally. My mom has played volleyball since she was in high school, and played varsity at Lakehead university. She coached me in grade nine and without her I wouldn’t have fallen in love with the sport.

Maddie P

Multi sport athlete 

Class of 2021 


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